About the Project

ChordOfAnnie is a highly skilled artist and producer with a strong foundation in the music industry, currently based in London. With a keen interest in music composition and production since 2018, ChordOfAnnie has drawn inspiration from industry luminaries such as Avicii and Martin Garrix to develop his unique and distinct style.
Leveraging his expertise, ChordOfAnnie has established a reputable online presence in freelancing, offering clients versatile tracks across diverse genres, including Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Rock, and more. In addition, he has garnered experience in crafting bespoke musical pieces for a wide range of corporate projects, including videos, presentations, and commercials.
Driven by his passion for music, ChordOfAnnie continually strives to deliver exceptional results, consistently meeting and exceeding client expectations. His unwavering commitment to excellence has earned him a distinguished reputation in the industry, making him a sought-after professional.

I’m Ahmed, also known as “ChordOfAnnie,” a professional music producer with five years of experience. I specialize in producing and editing music across all genres, including EDM, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, and Rock. My services also extend to mixing and mastering for all kinds of projects, from songs to documentary films and podcasts. With a strong passion for my craft, I am committed to delivering exceptional results.

✅Available 24/7
✅100% Client Satisfaction
✅Unlimited Revisions

⭐⭐Audio Software (DAWs)⭐⭐

☑️ FL Studio
☑️ Audacity
☑️ iZotope RX


☑️ Music/Midi composition in any genre (EDM, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock etc.)
☑️ Song Remaking (Deconstructing/Recreating melodies from songs by ear)
☑️ Song Remixing.
☑️ Post Production for Film, Podcasts etc.
☑️ Other audio services such as Mixing, Mastering, Vocal Isolation, Audio Cleanup etc.

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